Best New Product – Cell Biology

These products range from consumable products used to study the physiological properties of cells such as their structure and organelles, their life cycle, division, function and death. And without quality mainstays such as cell culture, media, and media supplements—the lives of cells and scientists alike would be difficult! A As in other parts of the market, cell biology customers are looking for products that improve the flow of and/or automate the various steps of cell-based research including growth, isolation, expansion, analyzing, and production. Accordingly, many companies are devising innovative solutions to streamline and automate workflows for greater throughput, more reliable results and faster discoveries.

10x Genomics — Chromium X


10x Genomics — Chromium X


Corning — HepGo Assay-ready 3D liver spheroid kit


Thermo Fisher Scientific — Gibco Human Plasma-like Medium (HPLM)