Best New Product – Genomics

The ever-expanding universe of applications for gene expression analysis products has made these technologies some of the most enticing and promising systems in recent times. Understanding the role of genetic variation is expected to profoundly change our perspective on human disease and the practice of medicine in the years to come. Across these two broad categories were everything from Reagents used to transform, modify or alter DNA to capital equipment used to manipulate nucleic acids, determine genetic sequences, or monitor gene expression levels. Companies competing in this segment of the market have had to be versatile and visionary, while still delivering results based upon their core technology or offering. As genomics research becomes more complex, scientists seek out products that improve the flow of and/or automate the various steps of a genomics experiment from sample preparation to assay set-up.


Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) — rhAMPSeq CRISPR Analysis System

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) — rhAMPSeq CRISPR Analysis System


Beckman Coulter Life Sciences — EMnetik System

Bronze Award

Roche — AVENIO Tumor Tissue Comprehensive Genomic Profiling (CGP) NGS Kit